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Technical challenges with the buttons

Do you have some different challenges with your profile of a technical nature so please feel free to contact us by mail: info@slb.dating (FAQ)

I can not enter or sign in

Did you save your password, you can have it sent to your email. We recommend you click on “Lost your password” on the homepage and enter your email and click the button “Get new password” You must be signed in to Singlelovebook.com to receive your new password.

It is Free

It is free and that is really super cool and nice. We will work har to keep the quality super high and we will seek to implement new features and functions that will generate the best experience for you and the people you will start dating. 

Is it free to create a profil.

Yes it is free and you will receive the code to your email when registering. So you are welcome to create your profile today. We have made it easy to create a profile and it will only take a few minutes before your profile is active and ready to meet new contacts Singlelovebook.com

Important – do not do this on Singlelovebook.com!

Users of Singlelovebook.com are not allowed to refer to own e-mails, Facebook profiles, Twitter profiles or the like through Singlelovebook.com. This applies through the following areas of your profile: e-mail, guestbook, blog, forum and your description and data. If there are violations, it will have serious consequences in terms of immediate expulsion. It is for security reasons we have these rules to ensure our users get the best The keyword doesn’t appear in the first paragraph of the copy, make sure the topic is clear immediately.service, the unique experience, the good personal contact and optimal security of the user’s own personal information.