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Important Information

Beware of your personal information

Beware of your personal information. We live in a time where there are many forms of IT crime, the criminals are poised to take what they can get – without asking first. So do not disclose any personal information to others of any character until you trust the person. The personal information that is not available to other profiles on are in safe hands with us.

Language and communication

Formulate you on your native tongue when you use All  user on singlelovebook are unique people regardless of their cultural upbringing or language background. However, we recommend that you take your first contact in English if you are not already aware of the person’s nationality and language skills.

Our goal is that the first contact is a good moment, which is a door opener and communication is done respectfully from both sides.

How to do I read articles

We recommend you follow our article series that covers a lot of interesting reading material that can be an inspiration in your daily comings and goings on our dating portal. We see it as a good gain for you to make use of. The idea is that you can enjoy your relationships better on

Under the heading Love News  at the top of you can find our articles.

Enjoy being part of as it is a unique opportunity in your life to get some good relations forward in your life.

Remember there are always new people to get to know, there are always new communities to be a part of, there are always new experiences, it‘s just about making a difference, that is, to meet new people and communities, there will arise opportunities in your life, if you make the effort.