How does the site work? - Singlelovebook How does the site work?

How does the site work?

How does the site work? When you create your profile it will work and we have made it easy for you. When you create your profile, we have made ​​it easy you will be prompted to enter your username, email, password and enter a 5-digit code, which is exclusively for your safety. Then you approve the submitted link that you receive in your inbox at your email address and check if the password is correct by logging in.

The process

As part of this process, we will ask you to upload a photo that is presentable and that you are happy to show as a person. This means that your personality will be better portrayed and make your profile visually more attractive. This is a good idea to do – as it can make a difference in relation to your future contacts on Then there is the opportunity to fill out your profile, which will provide a detailed profile of who you are and what you stand. You can also add what interests you have. We recommend that you do this, as it is for the benefit of yourself and the people who will contact you.

We recommend that you write a profile text that means something to you and you – this is of great importance. It may be a good idea to write concise what you stand for and what you are looking for – it is also possible to make a more nuanced profile. It creates a kind of an effect on your profile, but do not be too rigid in the formulation compared to what you are looking for and do not place too many demands as it may seem daunting. Love is about emotions and chemistry between two people it can be closeness, honesty, personality, confidence and trust are values ​​that are important to build a life on.

We have tried to make it as easy as possible to get in touch with other people that have caught your interest, even if you are a bit nervous. If you want to know whether the contact is mutual, you have the option of clicking “send Wink” the function is located under the profile contact you are interested in, just under the person’s picture.