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All people live their lives on a set of values ​​that has been founded earlier in their lives. Values are determined by culture and it is therefore different what is perceived valuable. The values ​​we emphasize in this forum are: Honesty, respect, trust, freedom, responsibility, confidence, success, love and unity. These are the values ​​we support – when it comes to dating and finding love.

An important point about values ​​is that the actions we do as human beings are shaping us. The way you treat people, can have a major impact on the people you communicate with. Therefore, it is important to meet with an open mind and not be prejudiced, but, instead, be respectful, thus build a relationship up – where there is opportunity to do something for each other and thus an important relationship can arise. is organized in the way that members have the opportunity to express their views on various topics like politics, religion, culture and similar views through thoughtful questions. We encourage our members to focus on the issues of everyday life that you are passionate about and make a difference in one’s life and one’s fellow human beings life. In this way, it is possible to get together with some people that you are on the same wavelength with.

Values ​​express what we want to stand and be recognized by our contact with members, businesses and other partners. Our values ​​are: Integrity, respect and commitment.

Credibility – you need to trust us. We place great emphasis on quality and accountability. 

Respect – everyone should have a good and proper treatment. We have a special responsibility to ensure inclusiveness and accommodate diversity. We respect other people’s right to their own life values​​, opinions and experiences 

Commitment – We are flexible and willing to change and appreciate new ideas and initiatives.