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Culture of Countries

Culture of USA

Culture of USA has a great influence in the word. USA means “United States of America”, it is the fourth largest country in the world geographically and is the third most populous nation in the world. USA gained independence from Britain in 1776 and was recognized in 1783. USA is a member of the UN Security Council and was a founding member of NATO. USA is among today’s country with longest existing constitutional republic and the world’s oldest written constitution. Its form of government is a representative democracy through Congress authorized system. United States’ economy can be described as a capitalist mixed economy and is the largest in the world, followed by China and Japan. The three largest cities in the United States is New York City in the northeast, which is located in the state of New York, Los Angeles in the west, which is located in the state of California, and Chicago in the Midwest located in the state of Illinois. Through studies in the USA it has been discovered that about 77% of the adult population have declared themselves Christians, the United States is described as a Christian country on the world map.

Education in the United States can be categorized as the following “Primary and Secondary school” covers 1-8th grades. “High school” covers 9 to 12 grades. Then there is the opportunity to go further with the education at universities and colleges. Among these educational institutions, the United States has some of the world’s best. United States has 168 universities and among the top 500 in the world, USA has 17 universities in the top 20. The population of USA can be characterized as a mixture of all the world’s cultures, so there are many different ethnic groups integrated into the American population. In general, Americans are friendly, helpful and welcoming people.

The music also reflects the country’s diverse cultures through a variety of pop, rock, soul, hip hop, country, jazz and blues. Much of American music is known around the world. Sports in the United States has a national interest in the people the four major sports are baseball (MLB), Ice Hockey (NHL) American Football (NBA) and basketball (NBA). Baseball is considered the national sport, and the most popular sport is American Football. Other sports such as motor racing, lacrosse, soccer, golf and tennis are also widespread. USA also has great influence on the board sports such as surfing, skateboarding and snowboarding.


Capital: Washington D.C.

Greatest City: New York

Government: Democratic federal republic, federal constitutional republic. Representative democracy

Population: 300 million

Currency: U.S. Dollars (USD)

States: 50

The population’s ethnic composition: USA consists of 31 ethnic groups, some of the ethnic groups are Englishmen, Irishmen, Italians, Mexicans, Africans.


British Culture

Britain is known for many things, among other things, the empire they have built which has filled one-third of the world map at a time. British influence has been of great importance for the spread of democracy and parliamentary government in the world, and the diffusion of the English language and culture. Great Britain consists of several nations such as England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and together they consist of about 1100 islands. The largest religion in Britain is Christianity. The Church of England is a state church with the British monarch as head and an archbishop as the spiritual head. Britain has some of the world’s most renowned universities including the University of Cambridge, University of Oxford and the University of London. Among well-known scientists are people such as Isaac Newton, Stephen Hawking and Adam Smith. Many inventions come from the UK such as the locomotive, vaccination, television, jet engine, programmable computers. Concerning rock music Great Britain and the United States played an important role in the development of rock. Many well-known bands were created, for example The Beatles, David Bowie, Depeche Mode and many more.

Brits love soccer and this is the sport that attracts thousands of people in the UK. The most famous soccer league in the world is the Premier league. Many popular clubs are affiliated with Premier League including: Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool and Chelsea. We recommend taking a trip to a soccer match in the UK, it should be a great experience before, during and after the game. Before and after the game – many soccer fans visit a pub, as it is a very large part of the British soccer culture.


Capital: London

Largest City: London

Government: unitary parliamentary, constitutional monarchy form of government

Population: 62 million.

Currency: Pound Sterling (GBP)

Counties: 92

The population’s ethnic composition: Englishmen, Scots, Waliseres, Northern Irishman.


Brazilian Culture

The Brazilian population is known to be a friendly and welcoming people. In their free time, Brazilians are open and relaxed, if you meet with a Brazilian, you will find that they are very hospitable and the opportunity to be invited to some of their outdoor activities will likely occur, which are an important part of their lifestyle. Many Brazilians have an interest in sports, for example soccer so it is a good idea to talk to Brazilians about the subject as it has great importance to their culture. In Brazil, the pace is another, since the goal of many is that life should be enjoyed and not to hurry all the time. Not materialism and selfishness are first on the agenda of the Brazilian population. In the Brazilian culture people come first and that means a great deal to them and it shows when you talk with them.

Out in the world, Brazil is known for their love to the sport soccer and they have some of the world’s best soccer players and participates usually in the World Cup every four years. In the country the soccer player’s status can be viewed as movie stars and almost everyone knows who the best is. Carnival in Rio De Janeiro is very well known around the world. It is an event, which was a modest celebration in the beginning, but today is a great festival, which is an image of the Brazilian history, added samba rhythms and celebration.

The beaches of Rio De Janeiro is very famous and attracts many tourists from around the world, there are many opportunities to pursue actively. There will also partied and danced on the beaches of Rio, one of the dance forms Brazil is very well known for around the world is samba, this dance is known for the way you move hip and knees.


Capital: Brasilia

Maximum City: Sao Paulo

Government: Federal Republic with a President as head

Population: 200 millions

Currency: Brazilian reais (BRL)

States: 26 states.

Population Ethnic composition: Portuguese, Brazilian, African and Caribbean


Danish culture

Denmark is a constitutional monarchy and the political system is based on the constitution of 1849. In Denmark, the monarch Queen Margrethe II is head of state with ceremonial duties, she does not assume political tasks. Denmark is divided into three powers, the legislative power is in parliament. The executive power lies with the police. The judicial power is vested in the courts. Denmark, the Evangelical Lutheran Church as state religion, but the constitution guarantees freedom of religion. The judiciary is independent of the government and parliament. The Supreme Court has aligned with human rights courts.

In 2008 Denmark was assessed to be one of the least corrupt countries in the world. Freedom House ranks Denmark as free in terms of political rights and civil liberty. Denmark is a member of various associations such as the EU, UN, NATO and the Nordic Council. The Nordics is an important partner for Denmark and there is a relatively close cultural tie between the inhabitants. Denmark is in the Realm of the Faroe Islands and Greenland. Denmark’s climate is temperate with mild winters and summers can be chilly. The Danish people ranks as the happiest people in the world, based on health, welfare and education standards. Denmark has several different sports – soccer is the country’s most popular, gymnastics, speedway, badminton and handball sports are also of considerable interest. Denmark and the Danes are to be recommended, it must be experienced, so we advice that you find your own impression of the Danish culture.


Capital: Copenhagen

Greatest City: Copenhagen

Government: Parliamentary democracy and Constitutional monarchy

Population: 5.5 million

Currency: Danish Krone (DKK.)

Regions: 5

The population’s ethnic composition: 89.6% of the population are ethnic Danes and the remaining 10.4% are immigrants and descendants.


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